Vegan Eats Sauces

Vegan Eats® presents an outrageous line of alfredo pasta sauces. Unbelievably rich and creamy yet fabulously healthy, with no added oils or processed creams. Our alfredos use the freshest plant based ingredients including cashews to create an unsurpassed richness. Vegan Eats follows the strick nutritional guidelines accepted by top heart and cancer physicians world-wide - plant based, all natural, unprocessed nutrition. For over 10 years, chef, founder and co-author of The Vegan Cheat Sheet Amy Cramer has been creating these vegan feasts to the delight of her clients, including her first client, the renowned Esselstyn Family.

Vegan Eats® Alfredo Sauces:

heart2.jpg  100% Vegan, all natural
heart2.jpg  Gluten free

heart2.jpg  Soy free
heart2.jpg  Non GMO
heart2.jpg  Oil free
heart2.jpg  Delicious gourmet
heart2.jpg  Great for pasta or topping your favorite meal
heart2.jpg  16 oz. containers
heart2.jpg  Shelf life - 3 weeks (refrigerated)
heart2.jpg  Shelf life - 1 year (frozen)